Ko Ha  |  Similans

On most live-aboard cruises, Anita’s Reef is the first stop and first dive site of the journey and is usually the dive team leader’s opportunity to test and observe the proficiency of their new team members. Surprisingly, no one knows who Anita is and the reef should rather be called a sandy slope, but as such it is actually quite a unique dive. The center piece of the dive site is a large coral boulder filled with lots of soft coral, sea fan and glass fish.

In Thai fondly named the ‘Hin Muan Deaw’ it refers to a single roll of film which – in the pre-digital era – was used up completely just on this single rock. Given that Anita’s Reef is the entry port to the Similans, it can get very crowded. If you have the option to suggest to your dive operator, let them take you to the Tuna Wreck which is literally just around the corner.