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Welcome to! – the comprehensive online resource for all local and visiting divers of Thailand, presenting you with the best there is to experience at our stunning reefs and wrecks!

Look at it as the ‘illustrated Wikipedia of Thai scuba diving’ with tons of stuff you would never find at any other dive website on the net. Dive right in!

Thousands of dive photographs from around the reefs and wrecks of Thailand!

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Click and dive into your favorite region for dive maps, dive site galleries, videos, 3D wreck visuals, animations and more:

  • 21 Ko Chang & Ko Kood dive site galleries
  • HTMS Chang in 3D, animation and video
  • Ko Chang region dive sites map

  • 8 Ko Tao dive site galleries
  • HTMS Sattakut in 3D, animation, videos
  • Ko Tao dive sites map

  • 14 Pattaya dive site galleries
  • S.S. Suddhadib & HTMS Khram in 3D visuals, animation, video
  • Pattaya dive sites map

  • 10 Chumphon dive site galleries
  • HTMS Prab in 3D, animation and video
  • Chumphon dive sites map

  • 16 Similans & Surin dive site galleries
  • Sea Chart Wreck & Premchai Wreck galleries
  • Similans dive sites map

  • 6 Rayong dive site galleries
  • HTMS Phetra in 3D visuals, animation, video
  • Rayong dive sites map

  • 7 Phuket dive site galleries
  • Harruby Wreck in 3D, animation and video
  • Phuket dive sites map

  • 10 Ko Phi Phi dive site galleries
  • Kledkaeo Wreck in 3D visuals
  • Ko Phi Phi dive sites map

  • 6 Prachuap dive site galleries
  • Prachuap dive sites map

Coming soon:

  • content creation pending
  • Krabi dive centers list finished

  • content creation pending
  • Ko Samui dive centers list finished

Thailand’s favorite wrecks in 3D, photos, video & animation


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All wrecks on one, easy to navigate page.

Each wreck listing fitted with features such as 3D wreck model, dive photo gallery, video, animation or even research and history.

In time, this wreck archive will progressively grow in both, additional features for each wreck as well as new wrecks.

DLC iconB

Build your own professional dive log and dive brief folder!

Find your favorite 3D wreck models as ready-made dive briefs now available as free downloads!

Each PDF file with several views of the individual wreck and a comprehensive dive brief format for use aboard a dive boat.

Recommended for all dive professionals and serious divers!

ID your marine life with the net’s biggest online


TMLA icon

Browse the first and only marine life archive which lists exclusively the species that can be found in Thailand. No more searching through books which list “all of SE Asia’s species”, etc. With mobile internet now reaching the dive boats, this is a great asset to any diver or dive guide with a tablet right after a dive.

All pictures were shot at our local dive sites and all species were carefully identified and archived with the help of several literature sources.

Colloquial and Latin names are listed!

A growing collection of features of all the oddities which don’t fit in the regular website categories. DIY scuba stuff, unusual sights on a dive, photography and retouching tips, environmental projects, …

DIY Dome Port

How to create your own dome port for shooting half-over-half-under shots – for your own camera model – at a budget of 25$!

DIY Macro Lens

Find out all about creating your own DIY macro lens from components costing a fraction of a factory made lens. DIY video and photo gallery of results!

Shark Tank Dive Bangkok

Video of Bangkok’s only official dive site – the shark tank at SeaLife

Product test: SONY ActionCam HDR-AS50R

Testing the new ActionCam under scuba conditions during a dive trip to Ko Lipe

4K scuba videography – testing the SONY ActionCam FDR-X3000R

Amazing detail and an optical image stabilizer in an ActionCam. With 4K video!

Meet the whale sharks at Chumphon

May and June is the season of Chumphon whale sharks. Always exciting, even with bad visibility.

An overview of the dive centers found across our covered dive regions with links to all websites!



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