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different species of fishes

different species of nudibranchs

other marine creatures

different species of coral



Although already very comprehensive, there may always be species that are still missing in this archive. Please help expand this marine life ID archive by submitting your personal shots of species not yet listed.

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In the English language, “fish” is used for singular (one fish) as well as plural (many fish). However, once you refer to a multitude of different species, the correct word then is “fishes”.  😉


2 books were consulted for the identification and categorization of all the fish species listed above. The first, “Reef Fishes of the World” by Ewald Lieske and Robert Myers, the second “Marine Fishes of South-East Asia” by Gerry Allen.

Please understand that in marine life identification, colloquial fish names (unlike the scientific names in Latin language) differ greatly from publication to publication and country to country. For the sake of completeness both versions of the colloquial fish name are listed, if applicable. The first name from the first publication, the second from the other.


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