• PDF file for A4 print out

  • 2 pages horizontal (use as opposite pages in an opened A4 ring binder)

  • 1st page: full view of the HTMS Khram 3D model with detailed captions and depth information

  • 2nd page: dive brief check-list / 4 area views of the 3D wreck model / brief historical background information


  • file size: 5MB

  • The PDF file will open in the Google Drive of Thai-Scuba.com. It can be downloaded by clicking the download icon at the top center of the screen.


This PDF print file is intended for all individual divers (professional divers, instructors, dive guides, dive boat staff, recreational divers & holiday divers) to help them understand, plan and brief a wreck dive at the wreck.


  1. download this file for your personal use free of charge

  2. save the file for your personal use on a tablet as part of your dive brief material

  3. print out individual sets of this file on a PC printer

  4. keep the print out in an A4 folder or ring binder

  5. keep a laminated A4 size print-out on your dive boat

  6. share the link to this web page with other divers for them to print or download their personal set

  7. create a link on your website over to this page


  1. sell the file or print-outs to others

  2. mass print the file

  3. print out the file in any size other than A4

  4. use the file for any commercial purpose

  5. use the file for any purpose other than its intended use

  6. electronically distribute the downloaded file (e-mail attachments, website, etc.)

  7. modify the design of the layout or isolate elements or parts

  8. use the file or parts of it as tracing for your own designs or website

  9. use the file or elements for the production of underwater dive slates, T-shirts, posters or other merchandise items

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