Ko Similan

Consider Elephant Head Rock a dedicated ‘swim-through dive’. Huge granite boulders stacked on top of one another that seem to dwarf the divers with their sheer size. During stormy weather some of the topmost boulders can be heard grinding against the lower rocks caused by slight shifts as pushed by water movements. Unfortunately the rock faces do not host much life other than a few fan corals and algae, so, in a way, nothing will distract your awe of experiencing a three-dimensional maze of swim-throughs. Bring a torch!

Other than the penetration areas, Elephant Head Rock surprises with an impressive canyon located at the center of the dive site. A flat bottom and flat square walls on either side almost make it seem man-made. Think of it as the Fifth Avenue of the Similans. At its end you will find the famous “hole in the wall” – the perfect picture frame for your next Facebook profile picture.